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in Malta Office Park


Spring clean in Poznań with the support of Malta Office Park

Spring Cleaning is an annual initiative of the city of Poznań – groups of volunteers “go into the field” and change their surroundings for the better, cleaning them of junk and rubbish.

By bike to Malta

There are some events that are extremely popular and have become a permanent feature of our events calendar. One of them is most definitely the mobile bicycle service.

New gym in Malta Office Park

This is probably the moment our tenants have been waiting for the most, and it doesn’t surprise us at all 😊

Every kilogram matters!

In partnership with Ubrania Do Oddania, we organized a collection of unused clothing the likes of which had never been seen before.

Self-defence workshops for women

This year we celebrated International Women’s Day at Malta Office Park with a bang – we organised a really vital self-defence workshop.