Spring clean in Poznań with the support of Malta Office Park

It is CLEARLY a pleasure to take part in such events.

Last weekend, the Malta Office Park team also did their bit for the cause by volunteering and donating small gifts as a thank you to everyone involved in this special event.

By receiving the world’s first certification in the latest version of the BREEAM In Use v.6 2020 International standard, we made a commitment to the local community. We keep our promise. 😊

We would like to thank the entire Malta Office Park team for their commitment!

By bike to Malta

There are some events that are extremely popular and have become a permanent feature of our events calendar. One of them is most definitely the mobile bicycle service.

During a visit to our service-point, tenants could count on free:

  • brake adjustment
  • adjustment of derailleur gears,
  • inspection of cables and chain-rings,
  • checking of bolted connections,
  • checking the condition of tyres,
  • topping up of tyre pressures,
  • chain lubrication and tensioning,
  • checking chain wear, cassette wear, crankset wear,
  • adjustment of saddle height, handlebars, etc.

Wydarzenie ma na celu przede wszystkim zwrócenie uwagi na to jak ważny jest stan techniczny jednośladów i jak bardzo rzutuje na bezpieczeństwo nasze i innych uczestników na trasie.

New gym in Malta Office Park

A new space – an extremely atmospheric gym – was put into use at Malta Office Park in the second half of April. On the day of the opening, we invited our tenants for a joint “healthy spine” workout with a personal trainer.

Realized in a self-service concept, the intimate space impresses not only with its unique design, but also with the quality of workmanship. The gym is equipped with professional equipment, which is sure to be appreciated by less and more experienced people, and has full sanitary facilities. Importantly, the use of the new space is free of charge for all employees of the complex.

Well, it remains for us to keep our fingers crossed for the form of our tenants 😊

Every kilogram matters!

According to research conducted by SW Research on behalf of EPP, as many as nine out of ten respondents (89%) agree with the statement that donating unworn clothing is a way to help those in need. Our planet also needs it, with as many as 86% of surveyed Poles agreeing, declaring that donating clothes is one way to take care of the environment. 

The closet cleaning campaign „Nie nosisz do Malty przynosisz” had not only an ecological dimension, but also a charitable one. Each kilogram of textiles was one zloty, which was donated to support the activities of Success University. This is an educational program of the Digital University Foundation aimed at young women with little experience in the labor market who want to work in the IT industry, and whose difficult life situation prevents them from studying or taking paid specialized courses. The pros alone!

In this year’s closet slimming program, we were accompanied by our partner OTCF, the owner of Outhorn and 4F brands, among others, offering participants of the action an additional bonus in the form of discount coupons.

Self-defence workshops for women

The participants of our workshops not only learned how to behave in the unlikely event of a threat, but also had the opportunity to practice selected self-defence techniques including basic kicks and punches. We are convinced that, thanks to the exercises, reflexes and defence reflexes of the participants certainly improved, as did their self-confidence.

That was a great experience.